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   Joshua is a founder and member of the newly established U.S Virgin Islands Professional Photographers AssociationThe Non-Profit is dedicated to providing networking opportunities and education to the photography industry, as well as participation / service donations in both community and charity events on St. Thomas.

Joshua Dustin

Joshua Dustin is a Professional Pet Photographer and Founder of The Dog Blog. Located in the US Virgin Islands and Burlington, Vermont, Joshua has been serving the photographic industry and the community for years.

St. Thomas Based Pet Photographer

Joshua Dustin is a Professional Pet photographer located in the USVI and Burlington, Vermont. A Co-Founder of the U.S Virgin Islands Professional Photographers Association, Joshua has been serving the industry and the St. Thomas community for years.

My Story

It was a early October morning in Newport, Rhode Island and I was up early taking my child (aka my dog) on our routine walk.  It was raining outside so there wasn't much photography to be had, as I'd usually be bringing my camera equipment with me to catch some foliage.  After about 5 minutes of walking, I was cold, wet, and I thought to myself "I'm not doing this tomorrow." went home, bought a plane ticket, and moved to more tropical waters in the Virgin Islands.

I knew absolutely nothing about the Virgin Islands when I moved here.  Not a single thing. I thought Kmart went out of business a LONG time ago, I thought cisterns were illegal (not here), I thought there would be wild monkeys or something and I thought that my first electric bill was a typo - it was that bad.  I moved into my first apartment near Garden Street, unpacked my dog, camera equipment, and I was ready to go.

My Work

FIrst and foremost, I love animals and that's why I do what I do.  I'm the owner of "The Dog Blog", an online presence dedicated to sharing the love of canines and hosting fundraising exhibits to raise money for local animal rescues.  I also do a ton of charity work at your local rescue, taking professional quality photographs to help dogs find their humans.  To be honest,    I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my work. I'll sit in the same spot for hours if that's what it takes for the lighting to be "juuuussst right".  I wake up at 6 am and begin post processing, I stay up until past midnight finishing photo processing.  I'm reliable, consistent, and dependable.  Best of all, I'm a super down to earth guy and I have the same passion as you, a love for four-legged family members. You want results, you want memories,  and I can deliver.  Simple as that.

Church Street Burlington, Vermont

Hurricane Season

     On September 7th, 2017 the Caribbean was ravaged by the devastating Category 5 Hurricane Irma.  Unfortunately the place I call home on Water Island was hit dead-on, and we were left without communication, a means to travel to St. Thomas for supplies, or electricity.  We fared better than most, some of which were left homeless and without food or water entirely.  We lived off of generators,  spending our days picking up our tiny island with our neighbors, unsure of the happenings in society.  After throwing out massive quantities of spoiled food due to the inconsistently cooled refrigerator, FEMA finally brought some much needed supplies to our forgotten little island.  Just as we were beginning to make progress, about 10 days later, we were hit by Maria.  The flooding of this second CAT 5 hurricane was unprecedented, and at this point, the towel was thrown. A month later when the St. Thomas airport was repaired, I flew out to the beautiful state of Vermont. 


     Due to my desire to continue pursuing my passion, I have relocated to the city of Burlington in the state of Vermont.  I'm continuing to offer charity services when I can, and hope to make a positive impact in my community.   It has been a rough journey, but after a month of living off rations and attempting to rebuild my life, I am finally safe in a new place I call home.

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